Arc to a Fix - AF  
Course to an Altitude - CA Données Requises
Course to a Fix - CF
Course to a DME Distance - CD
Course to an Intercept - CI  
Course to a Radial Termination - CR  
Direct to a Fix - DF Données Requises
Fix to an Altitude - FA
From a Fix to a Manual Termination - FM
From a Fix for a Distance - FC  
From a Fix to a DME Distance - FD  
Racetrack Course Reversal (Alt Term) HA Données Requises
Racetrack Course Manually Terminated HM
Racetrack (Single Circuit - Fix Term) - HF
Procedure Turn - PI  
Track to a Fix - TF Données Requises
Constant Radius Arc - RF
Initial Fix - IF
Heading to an Altitude - VA Données Requises
Heading to a DME Distance - VD
Heading to an Intercept - VI
Heading to a Manual Termination - VM  
Heading to a Radial Termination - VR  
Initial and Final path terminator  
Path terminator sequences  

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